When we talk about healthy meals, the thought of taste never pops up. It is something people are ‘forced’ to chug down by their fitness experts.

Thus, Fit Munkey’s decided to reach the root cause why people don’t like eating diet meals. So we asked several gym trainers, and experts about the reason behind the stonewall, that stops people from eating healthy.

Here’s what we came to know:
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Himanshu Dubey ( Co-founder)

“Being a culinary specialist and running my eatery, I was juggling a dozen things at once, so eating healthy dropped down in the list of priorities. And owing to all the extra kilos I was gaining, my glucose levels elevated. All of this catapulted into making the weight loss changes happen.

Furthermore, when I considered getting in shape and outsmarting the disease with food, all I could explore via different meal plan companies was bland, boring, and almost flavorless dishes.

That is when Fitmunkey came into the picture. It’s all about balanced, nutritious meal bowls, that’s not merely palatable, but actually tasty.”


Why choose fit munkeys

Keeping You Healthy and Fit, Keeps Us Happy!

“Healthy Doesn’t Have To Be Bland.”

Fit Munkeys practices three fundamentals to deliver delightful meals:

  • Innovation. By testing and trying various ideas, blends, recipes and gourmet appeal, we strive to deliver appetite-stimulating food.

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Our Mission

Fit Munkey aims to be your one-stop for healthy meals. We provide the perfect fuel of nutrition and taste for your fitness regime.

You don’t have to waste time preparing the meals. You can focus that time on leading a healthier lifestyle.


We want to make sure that you get more out of your life with delightful savories. 


“There Is Always A Starting Point.”

Our Commitment

Fit Munkey’s works on delivering your daily requirements of macros and calories. Furthermore, we provide:

  • 100% Natural and Organic ingredients
  • A perfect balance of protein, carb, fats and fibre profiles in each meal.
  • Diet-specific meals (Keto, Intermittent Fasting, Muscle Gain.)


The Fit Munkey’s team started with a single chef from Vancouver. He learned that any meal can be tasty, provided you have the right approach. Through practice, he honed this talent to bring you delicious food that’s healthy. As a healthy meal-prep company, we grew accustomed to the 80% diet and 20% exercise rule. Hence, we decided to learn more about macronutrients, minerals, and the role of other elements in a diet.
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“A Commitment To Health With Taste.” 


We use vacuum skin sealing polypropylene recyclable plastic to keep our ingredients fresh and flavoursome. What does that mean? This simply means our packaging keeps oxygen and any nasties out, making sure that your meals stay fresher for longer.


We pride ourselves on sourcing ethical and sustainable ingredients to deliver the best tasting meals. Our meals include: Grass fed beef & lamb, Canadian sourced seasonal vegetables & sustainable wild salmon & other fruits and herbs from local BC farm.


Our meals are made fresh to order and cooked by real chefs at our SQF & HACCP certified facility. Meals are then packaged up and delivered fresh to your door across B.C, 7 days a week.

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